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About Us

BAH BAH Foods is a boutique creator of high quality, fresh focused foods. Our focus is on using flavor to create fun and enjoyable eating experiences. This can be seen in our inaugural line of pomegranate-focused products, from our hot sauce and BBQ sauce to our new bitters. We have worked to elevate this beautiful and complex fruit to find new avenues of taste and implementation.

We use only all natural locally harvested ingredients so that you can really feel where every bite has come from. Our hot sauce alone took over 20 attempts before we found the perfect fiery drop. How did we know when it was time to stop? The same way we know when every BAH BAH product is ready for the market, when we could not help but smile after putting it in our mouths. BAH BAH is a common Persian term for an exclamation of enjoyment, so if you never BAH BAH’ed before, isn’t it time you gave it a try?